Mrs. Jennifer Wilkinson

Assistant Director of Lower School
B.Sc., Hons (University of Guelph ), B.Ed. (Western University), OCT Certified
Member of Simcoe House

Mrs. Jennifer Wilkinson grew up in the Niagara region and completed her studies at the University of Guelph and Western University before starting her teaching career in England and Australia. She joined the SJK faculty in 2005 after being drawn to the school’s campus and SJK’s IB PYP accreditation status and has had the joy of being a PYP teacher to all grades from JK through Grade 6. She also serves as SJK's PYP Coordinator.

Mrs. Wilkinson believes that learning is optimized when students feel safe and actively engaged, which spurs intrinsic motivation to find out more and develop inquiries. She feels that giving students responsibility for their own learning through student-led inquiry and offering opportunities for students to choose what they learn about and how they learn it provides students with an authentic stake in their own learning paths.

Mrs. Wilkinson believes this is the key to motivating students to be lifelong learners. Her favourite thing about SJK is the interest, motivation and joy that SJK students have in their learning. She notes that SJK students take their learning seriously and their passion for finding out more and learning is inspiring, and so much fun for her as an educator!

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