Mrs. Heather Glenville

MYP and DP Teacher
B.Sc. (Western University), M.Ed. (D’Youville College)
Member of Simcoe House

Mrs. Heather Glenville grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario before relocating to London, Ontario for her undergraduate studies at Western. After completing this degree, Mrs. Glenville decided to teach English overseas, starting her teaching career in Korea. A year of teaching English confirmed to Mrs. Glenville that this was the right career path for her, so she completed a Master of Education degree in Buffalo, New York and then continued back overseas to England, Thailand and Qatar to teach Science to students from all over the world.

Mrs. Glenville's education philosophy is that hands-on learning is the best way for the principles of science to resonate with students. She also believes in presenting students with materials that are conducive to their learning styles. Mrs. Glenville has taught at IB schools and recognizes the benefits of an IB education. She feels the program adds value by developing critical thinkers and well-rounded individuals. After living abroad for 9 years, Mrs. Glenville is happy to be back on Canadian soil with her husband and two daughters, residing in Guelph.