Develop and Transform

The 2020 Strategic Plan for SJK represents a shared vision of the School’s five-year plan for development and transformation and builds on the traditions of excellence established by our founders.
The plan is based on an eleven-month process of collaborative discussions, meetings, working group sessions, and personal interviews with a range of community stakeholders which included the Board of Governors, Staff and Faculty, Parents, Students, Alumni and Foundation members.

The SJK Experience

What did we hear? During the eleven month engagement and strategic planning process, it became clear that the School has many positive attributes which make SJK unique and exceptional. Information collected during this phase suggests essentially that ‘The SJK Experience’ is connected to three larger themes: Community, Campus and Continuum.

SJK fosters a culture of connectedness. People are known and valued in a community where all members have a voice, and are encouraged to contribute.

A sense of community relations is developed through individual engagement, effective communications and stakeholder trust.

The school prides itself on personalized opportunities and attention for students; different paths exist for students, who are treated as individuals with different learning needs and interests. This student-centred approach informs teaching and learning and is evident through Curricular and Co-curricular options, Learning Strategies, Guidance, and the Advisor Program.

Lifelong community engagement exists from the time students attend school as well as following graduation through the Alumni Association.

Local, national and global community partnerships are developed and contribute significantly to ‘The SJK Experience’

The Campus represents a significant and integral part of ‘The SJK Experience’, both in terms of its appearance and use as well as access and security.

The Campus differentiates SJK as a resource for experiential learning.

The ‘Campus of the Future’ represents a commitment to developing facilities and buildings as appropriate to the needs of the community and the educational experience of the students.

The SJK online/virtual experience reflects an important part of the community landscape; this is captured through the ‘My SJK’ Platform and includes online access to communications, reporting, calendars, subject and course forums, library databases etc. 

The School offers a broad and engaging curricular and co-curricular program which is accessible to all SJK students; the International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum of programs is offered from JK through to Grade 12, alongside the Ontario Curriculum, which includes the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Skills for lifelong learning underpin all grades and subjects at SJK, which include the skill areas of: research, communication, thinking, social and self-management. These skills prepare students for life and learning during and after SJK.

A values-based education informs decisions, actions and content in the form of the Learner Profile Attributes, where students are encouraged to be knowledgeable, communicators, inquirers, thinkers, balanced, risk-takers, caring, principled, reflective, and open-minded.

Approaches to teaching and the classroom environment make learning unique and exceptional at SJK. Teaching is contextual, conceptual, collaborative, differentiated, and reflects assessment for learning.

Internationalism is integral to ‘The SJK Experience’ and is evident as part of the curriculum, but also the Five Worlds Program, Outdoor Education, the International Student Program and our affiliate relationship with the Canadian International School Kunshan (CISK), China and the Yangrima and Dhualeshowary Schools in Nepal.

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