Mr. Brian Hendry

DP Teacher
B.Sc. (Honours) (University of Guelph), B.Ed. (Western University)
Member of Tecumseh House

Mr. Hendry grew up near Barrie, Ontario and began his teaching career by taking over from his old high school chemistry teacher. After several years of working in the public school system, he then moved overseas to work in International Baccalaureate Schools in Switzerland and Germany before returning home to the Toronto area. 

Brian has always been mindful about looking for challenging opportunities to further his educational and personal development. These have included working in five different educational systems,  taking on senior leadership positions, becoming a certified guidance counsellor, becoming a College Facilitator, and coaching several team sports. 

A passionate supporter of environmental causes, Brian enjoys coming to work at such a beautiful campus where it is easy to make connections to the natural world. He is also quite impressed with how welcoming and supportive everyone has been during his short time at SJK.

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