Goal Setting and Growth - Athletic Testaments

Although we are unable to engage in a full varsity program at this time, SJK continues to offer small group sports in a safe and distanced environment.

U14 Girls Field Hockey
Part of being an active goalsetter is knowing when to adapt, adjust, and change course. With coaching each year, I have the opportunity to work closely with my team about setting goals and then look ahead to the next goal. We look to develop new skills, gain new victories, and reach new heights. I think it's safe to say that we enter each year with a similar set of base goals. 

With the circumstances this year, we had to adapt, adjust, and change course; just in a slightly different way than usual. The girls were still determined to hit the field and we instantly began to work towards our new goals. Gone were the pressures of wins and losses, and in their place came focus and drive to improve, both individually and as a team. I've witnessed fantastic perseverance and growth already this year, and it's an incredible thing to be a part of.
It's not a big leap to see how these changes in goal setting carry over into our classrooms as well. Our students continue to show growth and perseverance as they work individually and as a team to push themselves to make the best of this situation and focus on developing as learners, athletes, and people.

- Coach Baverstock

Senior Girls' Field Hockey
SJK’s Senior Girls' Field Hockey team is navigating through previously uncharted territory this season… BUT we are all very thankful to be able to keep the flame burning brightly, in spite of the pandemic. While there was no pre-season training camp, no league or tournament play, and no OFSAA to compete for, this fall has afforded us a unique opportunity to build a strong foundation for the future, as we welcome a very talented group of grade nine athletes to the fhockey family.

Thirty-two players have been coming out regularly for practices, where we have focused on extending personal fitness and individual stick skills. We are also layering in some strategic concepts, including pass and move, change of pace and direction, and always working to create time and space. Team building is key, and is woven into all that we do, from making sure there is communication on every pass to planning a modified version of the annual Festival of Sticks (FOS). 

While strong leadership has always been evident among the athletes on this team, the ask is greater this year moreso than ever, perhaps. Our team captains are all over this, embracing opportunities to lead warm-ups, demo drills, and facilitating communication among teammates, so that everyone is in the know at all times.

As Einstein noted, “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity”. This group of competitors firmly believes that it is our investments now, during challenging times, that will pay dividends in the future. 

- Coach Dietrich

Senior Cross-Country
Perhaps more so than in any other fall, members of SJK’s 2020 Cross-Country Team are leveraging their cross-country practices as opportunities to give their body, mind and soul a much-needed boost. Challenging themselves both physically and mentally through a variety of workout sessions has enabled our athletes to test their capacities and set individualized goals for themselves. 

Given the nature of this sport, relative normalcy has been maintained in terms of how athletes are able to execute their craft as distance runners during this Covid-19 era. In fact, as a sport that doesn’t rely on close physical contact, SJK athletes will have an opportunity to compete in a time-trial format race against athletes from other schools within our association in late October. Each athlete will aspire to their own personal performance measure as they attempt to reach their potential over 6 km of running over grass, trail and mud. 

- Coach Carswell

Senior Boys' Soccer
Our soccer program is built on the premise that we will work toward getting better everyday. Coming off of our successful campaign last year, which culminated in our Division II Championship, we are energized and motivated to surpass expectations once again. We have been able to safely organize and run sessions maintaining a high level of execution, improvement, and intensity. The athletes have taken the challenge head on, and are individually improving their skills, while wholesomely contributing to our culture of ‘better everyday”.

Our sessions provide an opportunity for the athletes to evaluate their own strengths, as well as their weaknesses in performance. Working together, athletes and coaches make individual plans to improve, and are able to track progress, be nimble, and make adjustments. The connection from on the field, to the classroom is undeniable, many of the athletes have found that they are able to be more productive and have a better mindset throughout the day leading up to our training sessions. Knowing that an OFSAA Championship is a challenging but realistic goal, we have been able to maintain focus throughout this pandemic. Our attendance is exceptional and we look forward to seeing this improvement continue. 

- Coach Boyd, Coach Smit, Coach Tersigni

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