Commit 20 for Your Well-Being

In the spring of 2020, when we had our first lockdown, SJK initiated the Commit 20 program across the community. Commit 20 means that you commit twenty minutes per day to each of these activities: 
  • Moving your body
  • Being still and practicing mindfulness
  • Pursuing personal growth through creativity
Commit 20 can be done anytime, anywhere, and can be adapted to meet the needs of any age group or audience. The program creator, Joe Danis, has facilitated this concept with people from all over the world and in the process has created healthy and vibrant online communities, focused on personal growth and overall well-being. Benefits include stress reduction, heart and cardiovascular health, and enhanced memory and cognitive abilities.

According to Mr. Danis, Commit 20 is effective because:
  • It meets you where you are. Anyone can begin the practices of movement, stillness, and growth. The key is to simply begin.
  • It’s micro. Micro changes have been proven to be more effective and sustainable than making big, audacious goals. Goals are important, but habits deeply impact our daily lives.
  • It’s simple. No special equipment or memberships required. Simply move your body, find a sense of peace by focusing on the breath, and read or write. Can’t be any simpler than that!
  • It’s tangible. The benefits of basic movement, meditation, and reading, writing, or other forms of creative expression have been proven to have significant health benefits when done on a consistent basis. 
  • It’s authentic. It’s all about you and practicing the things that serve your identity and your core values in a healthy, holistic way.  
Many SJK families felt the benefits of Commit 20 last spring. We encourage you to reintroduce Commit 20 into your lives as we navigate the coming weeks and months of community restrictions.

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