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Discover a school where students are valued, inspired and love to learn. Welcome to SJK.

At SJK, students are connected to their learning, each other and their community. Our students find excellence within themselves in a learning environment that is fuelled by natural curiosity in classrooms where amazing things happen every day. Inspired, outward- and forward-looking teachers guide students on their personalized learning journey to ensure the development of well-rounded and confident students. This student-centred approach informs teaching and learning and enables students to identify and cultivate their strengths. We believe an integrated approach and a love of learning are the best ways to meet the needs and expectations of our students.

Community, Campus, Continuum

What makes SJK unique and exceptional? Essentially, ‘The SJK Experience’ is connected to three broad themes: Community, Campus and Continuum. These three themes explore ideas such as school culture, community relations, personalized opportunities for students, experiential learning, the significance of our natural campus and its integrated use in curricular and co-curricular programming, values-based education and a global perspective that informs teaching and learning at SJK.

Authentic Relationships Live Here

Authentic relationships are at the heart of the SJK community. At SJK, people are known and valued in a community where all members have a voice. Students, teachers and staff, parents, alumni and our community partners all contribute to the vibrant and diverse learning environment at the School. Fundamentally, we believe in the power of developmental relationships and that students learn best when engaged in purposeful, healthy relationships between teachers and young people. Our programming is designed to foster authentic relationships in formal ways, such as through our Advisor Program and informally, for example, as a natural outcome of our community sharing a technology-free lunch in our Dining Hall. We invite you to come for a visit to learn more.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission
The SJK community is committed to nurturing well-rounded, confident citizens in a safe and enriching setting that supports students in their pursuit of academic success, personal growth and social responsibility.

Our Vision
To engage students in an unparalleled educational journey as innovative learners in knowledge, creativity and global action.

Our Values
High standards of conduct, academic achievement and teaching. Respect for ourselves, each other, our environment, our history and traditions.

2020 Strategic plan

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  • Develop and Transform

    The 2020 Strategic Plan for SJK represents a shared vision of the School’s five-year plan for development and transformation and builds on the traditions of excellence established by our founders.
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