The People

Inspired Teachers Inspire Students

Choose one word to describe our teachers and staff—that word is passionate.

Yes, our people are also exceptional, highly qualified, committed, engaged and inspirational but it is their passion that genuinely makes them Go Beyond. Specialists in their teaching subjects, many have international teaching experience, which brings a real-world, global perspective to our classrooms. Our staff is supported to explore their personal interests through passion-led, professional development and then challenged to share their new knowledge with their students adding to the authenticity of the student experience.

Passion lives here.
"The teachers in the School have infused their teaching with innovation, both pedagogical and technological. As one of only a few Continuum International Baccalaureate schools in Canada- and only a few hundred in the world - the teachers are central to making the IB curriculum come alive. They have overlaid the IB curriculum with an ethic of care, of constant reflection and improvement, of collaboration, and of constant communication with families. Their work is difficult, and still they do it with joy for their students and determination in their work. As a whole, they embody the IB Learner Profile, and so that is what the students learn every day in the actions of their teachers."
– Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) Visiting Committee (2018)

St. John's-Kilmarnock School

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