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SJK has been built by its community. From its inspired beginning, a tradition of giving—of time, expertise and support—has been essential to our growth and success.  This SJK tradition has made the existing campus what it is today, including the main school building, Chapel, Gymnasium, Boathouse, Boardwalk and Newton House.  Without support from our SJK families, our campus simply would not exist.  

Supporting SJK is about supporting a vision. Before the first class was ever held, a group of determined and visionary parents and citizens in Elora, gathered around a kitchen table to build a plan around a vision for what education could be, and mean to the community. That vision would have stayed on the kitchen table without the support of our Founders and earliest families.

For generations, a tradition of giving has lived on and is essential to our continued evolution to create an outstanding learning experience for our students. As a non-profit, independent school, we rely entirely on private funding to operate, renew and expand. Today, SJK has grown from a residential property in Elora, to occupy 36 acres of scenic countryside in the heart of the Waterloo Region. For that, SJK is profoundly grateful and whole-heartedly recognizes all of our dedicated donors.

We look forward to hearing from you, whenever you would like to discuss how you would like to have an impact on SJK for many years to come.

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