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Guidance at SJK

Our qualified and caring Guidance team provides career advice, academic help and personal growth assistance with an eye on providing students with the tools necessary to navigate their years at SJK and beyond.

The School is a member of an online based program designed to assist students in the investigation of personal profiling, high school planning, post-secondary programs, entrance requirements, scholarships and career pathways. There is a compulsory Career Studies course at the Grade 10 level.

"Throughout the School, diversity is present and demonstrably supported. All those things reflect well on the health of the school environment and, consequently, on the emotional support that it confers to the students within it. The Guidance Department includes wellness services, as well as academic counseling, and it accessed regularly by students."
-Our Kids School Review

Planning for Success

Post-secondary planning begins early at SJK as students navigate their credit-bearing years within the International Baccalaureate Program. Graduating students have significant decisions to make regarding post-secondary education. Students and parents are guided during the process through information sessions and a comprehensive communication series, which highlights scholarship opportunities, critical deadlines and other important details both big and small. Students meet regularly with our Guidance team to help ensure a good fit for their post-secondary endeavours.

Academic Planning Support

  • Short and long-term goals and objectives
  • Course selections and changes
  • International Baccalaureate Programme
  • E-Learning and Independent Learning options
  • Summer school options (local and international/experiential)
  • Community Service opportunities and hour accumulation

Post-Secondary Guidance

  • Hands-on help managing the university selection and application process
  • Post-secondary education (Canadian and international programs, admissions requirements and deadlines, scholarships, SAT, etc.) and GAP year exploration
  • Career counseling
  • TOEFL and ESL for international students
  • PSAT & SAT Writing: SJK is Waterloo Region’s only SAT taking centre. This standardized test is a requirement for those wishing to pursue an undergraduate degree in the United States. SJK also hosts the PSAT as a way of preparing students in Grades 10 and 11 for the SAT.

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