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Admission into the Middle Years Programme

A Community Of Learners

Students in Grades 7-10 begin their educational journey at SJK in our Upper School in the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). SJK students strive to embody the characteristics of the IB Learner Profile: Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Thinker, Communicator, Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-taker, Balanced and Reflective.
SJK values high standards of conduct, academic achievement and teaching. We have respect for each other, our environment, history, traditions, and ourselves. We welcome applications from students who share those values. First and foremost, we want to admit students who want to be at SJK, who believe that SJK will help them to achieve their goals, and who want to make the most of their SJK experience, in and out of the classroom.

"SJK has a lot to offer, including simply belonging to a community that shares a set of core values and a perspective on the world. For many students, that alone is a transformative experience."
Our Kids School Review
SJK accepts and reviews applications on a rolling basis, starting on September 15 of the year before entry. Our first offers of admission are typically extended in mid-October. SJK will continue to offer admission to candidates on a first-come, first-served basis until all spaces are full.
Admission to SJK is competitive, as such, we encourage interested candidates to submit an application early. As we attract more applicants than we have spaces available, we are not able to offer admission to all candidates.

The Admissions Process

For students applying for entry in Grades 7-10, we engage the student and the student’s parents in a discussion about the student’s goals, expectations and past experiences with school. Our Admissions Committee reviews this feedback along with the student’s report cards for the previous two years. Applicants applying to enter Grades 7-10 will be required to write an entrance test (Can Achieve), which will include math, reading and writing components.
Students applying for entry into Grades 7-10 are required to attend a Visit Day during the application process. During the visit day the applicant will be hosted by a student ambassador and follow his or her class schedule. This provides your child with an opportunity to experience SJK in action and determine whether SJK is the right fit.
The School offers its SJK Information Evening in November for families interested in learning more about the IB Middle Years Programme.

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