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It’s incredible to look at how our SJK community has been our School’s heart and soul, steadily building our beautiful campus over almost five decades. There is one SJK tradition, in particular, that has made the existing campus what it is today. For generations, a tradition of giving—of time, expertise and support—has been essential to our growth, including the original school building, the Chapel, Gymnasium, Boathouse, Boardwalk and Newton House. Without support from our SJK community, our campus simply would not exist.
If you are interested in continuing this tradition, please know that every gift to the Annual Fund matters. It does more than contribute to our bottom line. It inspires and encourages others to make a difference in our School community and student experience.
All gifts are eligible for a charitable receipt for income tax purposes through our registered SJK Foundation. If you would like to talk about your gift and discuss where you would like to direct it, please feel free to contact

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