The Arts at SJK

The Arts at SJK

Our enriched Arts Program gives students the opportunity to explore their creative interests. SJK offers age-appropriate activities in the fields of visual arts, music, drama and dance within the classroom as well as through a wide variety of co-curricular activities. The Arts Program at SJK allows students to gain artistic experiences from the early education years through to graduation from the School.

"SJK is a school that is obviously proud of their students and what they are able to accomplish, as evidenced by the displays of student artwork in the hallways. It is clear that there is a love for the arts at the School. The Music, Art, and Drama departments work well together to ensure that things run smoothly and that many students are involved. For plays, some students play the lead roles while others take care of the sets and costumes, while others ensure the band flows with the scene; however, all students in the production end up being part of the chorus which gives them an opportunity to be on stage."

- Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) Visiting Committee (2018)

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