The Campus


Rejuvenated and revitalized in 2017, the Lower School Playground is an exciting space for children to play and explore! 
Our campus includes both a traditional playground and an innovative park-like environment sympathetic to the landscape.

The traditional steel and plastic swings, slides and climbing apparatus provide excellent opportunities for gross motor skill development in children. The rejuvenation of this area included the introduction of a ‘rubber friendly’ playground surface called Rubaroc.

The natural extension to our existing playground is in keeping with the School’s commitment to enhanced opportunities for experiential learning and outdoor play. The area includes massive trees as climbers, wooden seating, natural plantings, meeting areas, pathways and river stones which create dry river beds that become swales for rainfall. 

All elevated climbing spaces have been installed above a safety-rated, grass-based substrate that surpasses CSA standards.

Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) Visiting Committee (2018)

"SJK promotes the use of inquiry across their curricular and co-curricular programs, and teachers speak to the value they place on the opportunity for students to demonstrate independent thinking throughout all school activities. Certain learning engagements and activities are more teacher-directed, as may be appropriate; however, there is the opportunity for students to wonder, inquire and question as they explore both collaborative and independent interests and passions."

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