Visual Arts

Visual Arts at SJK

The Visual Arts Department is an exciting environment that is designed to focus on the intellectual and creative development of the individual. Studio courses provide a challenging environment to study design concepts, aesthetics, drawing, painting, video, photography, digital media, sculpture, printmaking, and installation as a basis for creative practice. Visual arts emphasizes a strong commitment to the social, cultural and theoretical issues embodied in contemporary art practice. Ms. Catherine Paleczny teaches visual arts in the Upper School, an internationally and nationally recognized artist who creates exhibits and public sculptures worldwide.

Co-Curricular Visual Artists

For students who do not study visual art but still wish to participate in co-curricular visual arts activities, there are opportunities to assist with poster design work for school events, set design and painting in conjunction with a drama production, mural painting or the creation of one-of-a-kind art objects used in school fundraising events.
Student artwork is proudly exhibited throughout the School and more formally in annual exhibits such as the Arts Around Us event held each spring, as well as a graduating exhibition for students in the IB Diploma Programme.

The Art Studio, together with the Gallery, will occupy more than half of the Art, Design and Media Centre’s footprint. Students will hone important fundamental skills before applying them to a variety of programming available in the Centre.

The Art Studio & Gallery

Within SJK’s new Art, Design and Media Centre, both the Art Studio and the Gallery are major features. These two spaces are at the heart of the Centre and move students to explore their creativity with a variety of materials and media.
“The Visual Arts are, in many ways, foundational to the other areas in the Art, Design and Media Centre. We explore creative ways to express ourselves visually, using different materials, we solve structural challenges with design and sculpture, and we showcase our projects to audiences at our exhibits,” says Catherine Paleczny, SJK’s Visual Arts Teacher. Ms. Paleczny is also a practicing artist whose sculptures are on display around our region. 

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