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School Administration

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  • Ms. Cheryl Boughton

    Head of School
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  • Mrs. Rosemary Langel

    Chief Financial Officer
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  • Mrs. Karen Baird

    Assistant Head
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  • Mr. Andrew Duszczyszyn

    Director of Development
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  • Ms. Amelia Canto

    Director of Advancement
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  • Mr. Ian Watt

    Deputy Head of School (on-leave)
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  • Ms. Anne Beveridge

    Director of Lower School
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  • Ms. Jill Watson

    Director of Upper School
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  • Mrs. Britt Leeking

    Director of Enrolment
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  • Ms. Yvonne Yang

    Director of Boarding
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  • Ms. Alison Peppler

    School Registered Nurse
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  • Mr. Brian Karkut

    Associate Director, IT
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  • Mrs. Poonam Saha

    Associate Director, Digital Marketing (on-leave)
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  • Mrs. Cayley Stanko

    Associate Director, Alumni Relations
  • Mrs. Marda van Niekerk

    Associate Director, Enrolment
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  • Mrs. Donna Garvin

    Executive Assistant to the Head of School
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  • Mrs. Sharon Bosomworth

    Executive Assistant, Internal Directors
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  • Mrs. Kelly Perrett

    Executive Assistant, External Directors 
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  • Ms. Lucy Ha

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  • Ms. Monika Nachtman

    Finance Assistant
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  • Mr. Scott Gallagher

    Certified Athletic Therapist
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