Learning Services

A Supportive and Inclusive Learning Community

Learning Support at SJK is aligned with the School’s vision to be a leading IB Continuum School.

“The International Baccalaureate (IB) believes in an inclusive approach to education that is designed to remove or reduce barriers so that every student can fully participate in, and develop through, IB programmes.”
IB Access and Inclusion Policy, 2022

SJK is committed to providing a supportive educational environment for students in their pursuit of academic success, personal growth and social responsibility. It is our goal to support all students in reaching their potential according to their own interests, abilities and personal goals in an inclusive learning community.

Planning for Success

For more information regarding learning support in the Lower School, please contact the relevant member of our team:

Shauna Cottrell
Lower School Learning Support Teacher, Literacy Specialist

Jennifer Wilkinson
Lower School Learning Support Teacher, Math Specialist

For more information regarding learning support in the Upper School, please contact:

Annie Fickel
Upper School Learning Support Teacher

Learning Support Plans

The SJK Learning Services Team is committed to:
  • Helping students identify areas of strength and areas for growth;
  • Guiding students to develop learning strategies that work for them;
  • Supporting students with the development of self-management and affective skills;
  • Encouraging students to take ownership of their own learning and to be strong self-advocates and partners in their learning;
  • Supporting students with the development of literacy and numeracy skills;
  • Guiding families through the development of Learning Support Plans for students with identified learning needs;
  • Implementing accommodations and assistive technology to support learning;
  • Providing personalized interventions based on ongoing progress monitoring;
  • Working closely with faculty to develop and implement interventions and extensions to support student learning;
  • Partnering with students and parents to monitor progress and set goals for growth.
All students in the school are welcome to take advantage of learning support, and many students refer themselves by dropping in to schedule an appointment. Other students are directly referred by their teachers or are identified by parents as needing assistance or accommodations to achieve success. 

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