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A Day In The Life at SJK

A Day In The Life At SJK

SJK's campus is alive with educational experiences that reach far beyond those within the classroom. Our commitment to student engagement and development means that we provide our students with exceptional opportunities to grow, learn and explore. During the school year, expect your child to become excited about all kinds of experiences beyond the classroom. They may discover a new sport, travel to a new part of the world, or join one of several unique campus clubs. SJK strives to provide your child with experiences as unique and exciting as they are.

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  • Student Life in Lower School

    You start your day dropping off your bag at the Lower School hallway door and racing out to the playground, climbing the Fallen Tree, and playing with your friends until the outdoor supervisors let you inside to get settled in.

    Your teacher will continue with a lesson that links to Where We Are in Place and Time, which helps you connect the dots between past civilization and present-day life. Before you know it, it's lunchtime recess so head outside for some play time with your friends. 

    Afterwards, you will head down the hall towards Newton House. You'll enjoy a freshly made meal in the Dining Hall with your classmates, which is prepared by a Red Seal-certified chef featuring local ingredients.

    It's time for physical education. Grab your house shirt, shorts, and running shoes to head to the Gym. You're doing Zumba with a professional instructor who is visiting the School for the day. You've never tried it before, but it's fun and different from sports and other activities you usually do!

    After the academic day wraps, you're off to a co-curricular club or aftercare until your parents pick you up. You head home and are excited about the next day of school already because it means you can learn even more with your classmates and spend more time with your teachers.

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  • Student Life in Upper School

    You arrive at SJK and go to your locker to greet your friends, check your schedule, and pick up the materials you need for your morning classes. Your first class is visual art, so you head to the new Art Studio on the lower level of the Chapel. Before class begins, you watch the video announcements and take note of any upcoming activities that you are interested in; such as the upcoming dance or the Five Worlds trip to France. 

    After visual art, you go to the Dining Hall to pick up your snack before heading to your Period 2 math class. The fresh-baked muffins and croissants are something you look forward to every day!

    After your math class, you go to your homeroom to meet with your advisor. After doing an engaging interactive activity with your classmates, you head to the Dining Hall for a nutritious lunch. You and a few friends grab your lunch and take it outside to sit on the Dining Hall Patio. After lunch, you have a break, so you go outside to play soccer with your friends. It's a great chance to re-energize and catch up before heading into your afternoon classes: design and history.

    After school you head to the Boathouse on Chalmers’ Pond with the other students in your Fishing and Canoeing Club, which is such a unique part of your week! You know that spending time outside is a great balance to the busy classes you had today. It's a great chance to reset at the end of the day.

    Your day at school ends at 4:30 p.m. and you head home for some time to relax with your family and do a bit of homework to get ready for tomorrow’s classes. You connect with your friends in the evening and work together on the science homework that is due tomorrow and then you go to bed excited about the next day of school when you get to see your friends and teachers again!

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