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Student Health and Wellness

SJK takes an integrated team approach to student health and wellness. Classroom teachers and advisors are always available for their students and are supported by an interdisciplinary team that includes the two Assistant Heads of School, the Directors of Upper and Lower Schools, the School Nurse, the Boarding Nurse, an Athletic Therapist, the Head of Guidance, Learning Support Teachers, and the School Chaplain. The School also has a Registered Psychologist and an Occupational Therapist available to consult on an as-needed basis.

The Student Health Centre is staffed by registered nurses. The registered nurses are available to support all aspects of student health and wellness, as well as offering health education. They are responsible for the awareness and management of chronic health conditions, as well as supporting acute illness or injuries that may arise during the school day. While all of our faculty and staff are well-trained in first aid, the registered nurses are available on-site to take the lead for anything of a more serious nature. They are also very experienced in child and adolescent mental health and are available to support student’s socio-emotional health needs as well.

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