Varsity Athletics

Leadership is a Natural Outcome

All students in Grades 7 to 12 are encouraged to get involved in our Varsity Athletics Program each school year.

Through their co-curricular athletic involvement, SJK students are constantly encouraged to stretch their personal limits. By experiencing the challenges that go along with participating as a member of a team, students learn to savour earned victories and to grow from defeats. High expectations motivate students to realize their full potential. 

As a member of both the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA) and the Ontario Federation of Schools Athletic Association (OFSAA), SJK provides outstanding competitive opportunities for all student-athletes.

Centre of Excellence: Field Hockey

A passion for field hockey lives here.

More than mere tradition, the sport of field hockey is a part of the very fabric of athletics at SJK. The campus features four high-quality natural field surfaces and a double gymnasium for winter indoor training. Students also have access to turf surfaces at the University of Waterloo and Guelph and participate in indoor winter training offered through regional clubs for all levels of athletes.

All field hockey programs run during the fall season. SJK offers field hockey programs to rookie and seasoned athletes, at every level, delivered by a dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable coaching staff.

Field Hockey at every level

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  • SJK Field Hockey Programs

    Lower School Co-Curricular Program
    • Grades 3 to 5 development program and introduction to field hockey
    U14 Girls Field Hockey
    • Annual preseason training camp
    • League play in the Conference of Independent Schools (Ontario) CISAA
    U16 (Junior) Girls Field Hockey
    • Annual preseason training camp
    • League play in the Conference of Independent Schools (Ontario) CISAA
    • Regional, National and International Tours and Tournaments
    U20 (Senior) Girls Field Hockey
    • Annual preseason training camp
    • League play in the Conference of Independent Schools (Ontario) CISAA
    • Provincial Qualification to OFSAA
    • Regional, National and International Tours and Tournaments

A Tradition of Excellence

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  • 20-Year Performance History

    2023: CISAA U14 Girls CISAA Gold
    2022: CISAA U14 Girls CISAA Silver
    2021: CISAA Jr Girls CISAA Gold
    2020:  —
    2019: CISAA U14 Girls CISAA Gold
    2018: Ontario Provincial (OFSAA) Gold
    2017: —
    2016: Ontario Provincial (OFSAA) 4th
    2015: CISAA Junior Girls' CISAA Gold
    2014: CISAA U14 CISAA Gold
    2013: CISAA semi-finalists 
    2012: CISAA semi-finalists 
    2011: Ontario Provincial (OFSAA) Quarter-Finalists
    2010: CISAA Gold, Ontario Provincial (OFSAA) Quarter-Finalists
    2009: CISAA Gold, Ontario Provincial (OFSAA) Gold
    2008: CISAA Gold, OFSAA Gold
    2007: CISAA Gold, OFSAA Gold
    2006: CISAA Gold, OFSAA Gold
    2005: CISAA Gold, OFSAA Qualifier
    2004: CISAA Silver, OFSAA host, OFSAA Silver
    2003: District 10 Gold, CWOSSA Silver 

Field Hockey Around the World

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  • International Tours and Tournaments

    2013: European Tour (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France)
    2011: Tournament hosts with schools from New Brunswick, British Columbia, Ontario and Bermuda 
    2006: Germany
    2004: Australia and China
    2002: Ireland
    2000: Scotland
    1998: New Zealand
    1996: England
    1994: Maryland, USA
    1992: Germany and the Netherlands
    1990: Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Varsity Teams Offered

SJK Athletics offers a variety of athletic offerings for students of all ages. Below is a listing of all of our Varsity level teams:

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  • Fall Term

    Girls Field Hockey
    Grades 3-12
    Boys Soccer
    Grades 3-12
    Co-Ed Cross Country
    Grades 4-12
  • Winter Term

    Boys Basketball
    Grades 4-12
    Girls Volleyball
    Grades 6-12
    Co-Ed Wrestling
    Grades 3-12
    Co-Ed Ice Hockey
    Grades 8-12
  • Spring Term

    Girls Soccer
    Grades 6-12
    Co-Ed Badminton
    Grades 6-12
    Co-Ed Track & Field
    Grades 2-12
    Girls Field Hockey ClubGrades 5-12

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