Student Life

Co-Curricular Programs

Risk-Taking Encouraged

Students in Grades 1 – 5 have the opportunity to participate in a robust after-school co-curricular program, focused on nurturing and development of the whole child.  Arts, Academics, Athletics, Clubs and Service programming runs for 6–8 weeks and is offered after school, usually 3:30-4:30 p.m., once per week.

Participation in the co-curricular program is an integral part of student life throughout the year and students are expected to participate regularly. Meaningful participation helps our students improve their life balance, take risks, have fun, and grow socially and personally.

SJK's Co-Curricular Offerings

Outdoor Experiential Education

As part of the School’s curriculum, we offer an Outdoor Experiential Education program for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6.  

The program offers supervised, themed, outdoor activities including opportunities for students to plan their own adventure. The program utilizes the School’s expansive campus and connects students to their natural environment. There is no additional fee associated with Outdoor Experiential Education. 

Students will learn about an array of subject matters, including plant and animal species that live on our campus, the pond's ecosystem, meteorology, archeology and more!

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