Remote Learning

For Students

Guidelines for Students

Strategies for Success

Remote learning provides you with exciting opportunities to engage and continue your learning while away from school.  You will be able to learn from home with the guidance and support of your teachers.

The learning skills that you have already developed will help you thrive in this environment. Your teachers want you to succeed and will do all they can to ensure that your learning continues.

List of 7 items.

  • Establish a comfortable place to work.

    You need access to a computer or tablet, reliable wifi, and all of your binders, books/textbooks, and materials.
  • Set and stick to a regular daily routine.

    Routine helps everyone to feel balanced and relaxed. A suggested schedule will be provided for each grade-level. Students are encouraged to follow the recommended daily schedule, or to modify it to suit their family’s schedule as needed.
  • Make time every day for healthy eating, exercise, and positive social interactions.

    Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally during this time is very important. Stay active, and reach out to parents, teachers, and friends for support when you need it.
  • Collaborate and support your peers in their learning.

    Connections and relationships are very important in a remote learning environment. Stay connected to your classmates and teachers.
  • Keep on schedule.

    Every Sunday evening, a Week-at-a-glance will be posted in the grade-level groups onSJK for all students JK-Grade 10. This provides students with an overview of their learning tasks for the week. Grades 11-12 students will find all of their course instructions on their onSJK course sites.
  • Do your best work.

    Complete your assignments with integrity and academic honesty.
  • Stay engaged and informed.

    Course sites accessed via onSJK are the primary source for all instructions, resources, and lessons. We will also be using other communication tools such as email, Google Hangouts, and various applications.

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