Remote Learning

Remote Learning Plan

The Remote Learning Experience

Although our doors are temporarily closed, the minds of our students remain open! 

Our Remote Learning Plan ensures that learning continues as we shift daily academics at school to remote learning at home for all students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. We have chosen to use the term ​”remote learning” rather than “online learning” as this reflects our conviction that quality learning can occur at a distance, without solely relying on technology.  We are embracing this new opportunity for our students to continue to learn in authentic, engaging and meaningful ways.

We plan to provide an uninterrupted, curriculum-based education for our students while the school is closed. From Monday to Friday, teachers will prepare and deliver instruction including related assignments that can be accessed via our onSJK system. Teachers will use a range of texts, recorded videos, and other tools to demonstrate new concepts and skills to their students. Click on the links below to access our Remote Learning Plans.

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