Mrs. Tracey Duldhardt

Chair of Mathematics Department
B.Math (University of Waterloo), B.Ed. (Queen's University)
Member of Brock House

Mrs. Tracey Duldhardt was born and raised in Kitchener and attended the University of Waterloo to complete a Bachelor of Math degree followed by completing her Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. She began teaching at Appleby College before joining SJK in 2001 as a Middle Years teacher. Since then, Mrs. Duldhardt has become the Chair of Mathematics and teaches both Middle Years and Upper School students. She also has led students on SJK’s Trek Nepal service trip for several years, which she sights as one of her passions that she shares with the school community.

She best characterizes her education philosophy as one grounded in the belief that everyone can be successful in mathematics. Mrs. Duldhardt feels that attitude is often a barrier to success in this subject and believes that the perception built around mathematics by adults can positively shape the experience that students have with mathematics and more.

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