Ms. Ashley Stewart

Chair of Physical Education and Health
B.Kin., B.Ed. (University of Calgary)
Member of Brant House

Ms. Ashley Stewart has been at SJK since 2012. Ms. Stewart teaches Grades 7 to 10 Physical Education and is also the Chair of the Physical Education and Health Department. She also serves as SJK's Student Life Coordinator.

Ms. Stewart is originally from Calgary, Alberta. She has always been passionate about being physically active, playing sports, and enjoying the outdoors. Ms. Stewart knew she wanted to be a physical education teacher by the time she was a teenager. She loves working with students during such a formative time in their lives, and she hopes that she can help them on their journey to becoming confident, well-rounded citizens in the world.

When asked what her favourite thing about SJK is, Ms. Stewart said SJK feels like home to her. She enjoys working with all the unique, excellent students and has said, "SJK is a true community where people are engaged, passionate, and caring." When Ms. Stewart is not teaching, you can find her doing something active.

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