Ms. Kat Rogers-Hern

MYP and DP Teacher
B.A. (Trent University), B.Ed. (Queen’s University
Member of Tecumseh House

Ms. Kat Roger-Hern knew from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher. After working at a camp year-round through her university studies, she entered the teaching world at Greenwood College School before joining SJK’s faculty in 2015 as a librarian and eventually, as a Theory of Knowledge teacher for our DP students. SJK drew Ms. Rogers-Hern in immediately with the campus and abundant green space.

Ms. Rogers-Hern’s education philosophy is person-first, meaning individuals learn better when their social-emotional needs are met. She makes it a priority to get to know her students in order to better understand what drives them and how to help identify their needs, as well as when and how to push them in the classroom to progress in their education journey. This education philosophy stems largely from Ms. Rogers-Hern’s research that she completed doing her Master’s degree regarding the notion of heart-centered education.

Her favourite element of SJK is the relationship building that happens between students in the Upper School and Lower School, which she witnesses at school events, but specifically in the Learning Commons. She knows she’s in a great environment when Upper School students will come in to visit during Lower School library periods, noting that sometimes the Upper School students even stay to read a story to the younger students! It’s this sense of community that makes SJK feel like home to Ms. Rogers-Hern.

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