Ms. Sarah Regli

DP Teacher
B.Sc. Chemistry, Physics (University of Guelph), M.Sc. Chemistry (University of Alberta), B.Ed. (OISE - University of Toronto)
Member of Tecumseh House

Ms. Sarah Regli teaches Upper School chemistry and mathematics. She is originally from Cambridge, Ontario, and now resides in Guelph. Prior to settling down in Guelph, Ms. Regli lived in Edmonton, AB; Victoria, BC; and Toronto, ON.

Ms. Regli knew she wanted to become a teacher because she realized that chemistry is often seen as a difficult subject that people try to avoid. Rather than avoiding this science, she communicates with others and creates bizarre analogies and comparisons within the subject area. While conducting research as a chemist, Ms. Regli found that the most rewarding parts of her day were explaining the theory behind the experiments she was conducting. What better path to follow than that of a teacher!

Before arriving at SJK, Ms. Regli taught IB chemistry at United World College in Victoria, BC. After that, she attended University of Toronto for teacher's college. She loves teaching DP Chemistry and enjoys seeing students become excited and proud of themselves for solving that seemingly 'unsolvable' or challenging task. She also likes when students ask unexpected questions because they keep her on her toes!

When asked what her favourite thing about SJK is, Ms. Regli noted that she really enjoys the student-teacher interactions. Students at SJK are very inquisitive, and are not afraid to ask questions when they have them. When Ms. Regli is not teaching, she enjoys jogging, cooking, skiing, hiking, playing disc golf and board games.

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