Mr. Maki Katsube

Chair of Canadian and World Studies
B.A. (St. Francis Xavier University), B.Ed. (St. Francis Xavier University)
Member of Simcoe House

Mr. Katsube's began at SJK in 1998, starting in the Middle Years before transitioning to teaching Upper School history and serving as the History department chair. Mr. Katsube enjoys spending time outdoors and is appropriately the coordinator of SJK’s Outdoor Adventures programming and Five Worlds Programme.

Prior to teaching at SJK, Mr. Katsube taught in the public system, as well as Aboriginal schools. What inspires him are people that have overcome adversity or major obstacles in life in order to make positive impacts on society.

Mr. Katsube believes in working to develop well-rounded students who can view the world through different lenses and is passionate about teaching and coaching students.