Mr. Ted Soepboer

Chief Financial Officer
B.B.A. (Brock University), M.B.A. (Brock University)
Member of Tecumseh House

Mr. Soepboer is a double graduate of the Goodman School of Business at Brock University, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (General Business) and then a Master of Business Administration (Accounting). His expertise in finance and administration, coupled with a proven track record of strategic financial management, makes him a highly qualified addition to our team. His most recent role as Director of Finance and Administration at Waterloo-based tech startup eleven-x showcased his ability to shape an organization's financial landscape over the past two and a half years. Prior to this, Mr. Soepboer served as the Director of Finance at the Accelerator Centre for five years and as a Financial & Systems Analyst at Communitech for three years. With a rich history in finance, Mr. Soepboer brings a wealth of experience that will undoubtedly enhance our school operations. 

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