Mr. Jody Schnarr

Board Member
Mr. Jody Schnarr is pure tech, and one of the most disruptive telecommunications officers in Canada. With his leadership, Fibernetics has gone from a local long-distance provider to a national Telecom with points of presence coast to coast.

As a co-founder, Jody drives the entrepreneurial and disruptive spirit in Fibernetics and its group of companies. His architectural network vision, continued innovation and team leadership is what has defined him as a Canadian telecommunications trailblazer.

Jody continues to lead Fibernetics in the ever-evolving and up and coming Canadian IoT space and is guiding its journey to become a market leader. In 2014 Fibernetics launched Fibernetics Ventures, Jody leads this group of start-ups and early to mid-stage companies that will continue to drive innovation in the IoT space.

Jody is a true team player, someone who likes to help people and see other people happy.  As someone who enjoys philosophy, math and is curious about what makes us behave the way we do, what drives us as people, Jody has interests in the workings of the brain as well as the mind.  Also, curious about peak performance, about achieving results beyond what can be normally expected, and deeply interested in how things work.

Jody studied Business Commerce at the University of Toronto. He serves at Fibernetics as Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board.

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