Mr. Matthew Sleiman

Director of Boarding
B.A. (University of Waterloo), B.Ed. (Brock University), M.A. (University of Toronto)
Member of Brant House

Mr. Matthew Sleiman has stepped into the role of Interim Director of Boarding for the remainder of the school year. Mr. Sleiman has already shown his leadership skills in his role as Boarding Assistant and member of our faculty. We are looking forward to seeing the boarding program thrive under his direction and thank him for stepping into this role mid-year. 

Mr. Sleiman will also be teaching MYP Design. As an undergraduate at the University of Waterloo, Mr. Sleiman was involved in several positions related to residence life. He has worked as a peer mentor for first-year students, as a front desk assistant at the residences, and as an Assistant Don. Mr. Sleiman has a Bachelor of Education from Brock University, a Master of Arts from the University of Toronto and Bachelor of Arts from Waterloo University. His diverse range of teaching experiences will bring added value to our students and the school community.

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