Rev. Judy Steers

School Chaplain
B.A. (University of Ottawa/St Paul’s University), Dip. (Educational Ministry), M.A. (Huron College/Western University)
Member of Brant, Brock, Simcoe and Tecumseh Houses

The Reverend Judy Steers will be taking on the role of School Chaplain at SJK. As the Assistant Curate at St. John’s Anglican Church in Elora, Rev. Steers leads worship, study groups, preaches, and participates in the spiritual leadership of the community. Rev. Steers brings particular skills and passion in spiritual care and social justice and sees the connections therein. She seeks to provide ways for people to nurture meaning in their lives. Rev. Steers is adamant that the church is not the sole purveyor of spiritual experience but is one important avenue to “equal access to beauty, inspiration, and hope.” Rev. Steers has a BA in psychology and theology from the University of Ottawa/St Paul’s University. She also has a diploma in educational ministry specializing in working with children, youth and young adults from the Centre for Christian Studies. Additionally, she has an MA in Applied Theology from Huron College/Western University, exploring intersections of science and theology in western culture.

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