Mr. Matthew Sleiman

Director, Boarding
B.Ed. (Brock University), M.A. (University of Toronto), B.A. (University of Waterloo)
Member of Brant House

Mr. Matthew Sleiman began his career at SJK in September 2021 as an English, ESL, and Design teacher before becoming the Director of Boarding in January 2022. Since then, his exclusive focus has been the care of the Boarding Residence and the well-being of the boarding students. His previous teaching experiences in the Greater Toronto Area allows him an insight into the needs of international students, both academically and personally.

Mr. Sleiman believes that a successful Boarding Program is upheld by the strength of four pillars: nurturing students’ intellectual development, promoting their physical well-being, creating a sense of community belonging, and offering opportunities for personal growth. By giving students choice within a framework of gentle, paternal guidance, Mr. Sleiman believes that a young person will be at a marked advantage as they enter a world of both self-reliance and interpersonal cooperation. As a new father, Mr. Sleiman is excited to share his family with the wonderful community of Boarding students and SJK staff and faculty!

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