Ms. Lea Weber

Boarding Registered Nurse (Mat. Leave)
B. Sc. Nursing (York University)
Member of Tecumseh House

Ms. Weber received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from York University in 2017. She is a Registered Nurse and has numerous courses and additional certificates including training in crisis awareness and emergency response. She has also worked on the Minto Mental Health Board. Ms. Weber has been working at the Palmerston and District Hospital for the past four years as an ER nurse. Working in a small, rural hospital has given her experience working independently within a small, collaborative team. She understands that healthcare requires more than fine-tuned clinical skills. During the interview, she shared that during her time as a nurse, she “has held the hands of nervous patients and family members, listening and guiding them through the process of their care. I consider it a privilege for me to deliver emotional and supportive care to my patients.” Ms. Weber lives in Drayton on a farm and is looking forward to making an effective and meaningful contribution to the lives of the students at SJK.

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