SJK Drama presents: The Ugly Duckling

SJK School
Hosted by none other than the world-renowned Stratford Festival each April, the Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario Drama Festival (CISDF) is a multi-day theatrical experience that makes a lasting impact on aspiring actors, producers and technicians. SJK attends each year, presenting a one-act play for fellow students to enjoy.
This year, CISDF was cancelled due to the pandemic. Chair of SJK's Arts Department and long-time CISDF attendee Mr. David Newman decided that staging a reading via Google Meets of this year's one-act play, The Ugly Duckling, would be a unique way to present the play and honour the work that our student-actors have put in to prepare for CISDF and Arts Around Us this year. 

Please enjoy! To experience the entirety of Arts Around Us 2020, please click here. 


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