SJK Dance: Jazz and Contemporary Movements

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SJK's Dance Program is led by Ms. Ekaterina Tikanova, who trained at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy before touring globally as a professional ballerina.

SJK's Dance students worked on a variety of dance types, with jazz and contemporary styles being highlighted in Arts Around Us 2020.
Curtain Call was created as a jazz-style dance by Grade 12 student Alexandria, performed with fellow Grade 12 student Vivian. This is what Alexandria noted about her dance composition: "This dance composition was intended to represent a fierce relationship between two people who are competing to ultimately perform each movement with the best technique and attitude in order to win first place. Throughout this dance, I wanted to display a relationship of competition as well as the characteristics one would portray when competing with another person."

The Contemporary Dance Trio performance was created by guest choreographer Alexandra Shovlin, performed by Alexandria, Vivian and Sarah. The dance is intended to present personal growth. Starting from a downfall, the dance intimates a pathway to overcoming a personal obstacle in life. As the song builds it mirrors finding the power and strength to move on and forward. 

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