An Update from SJK's Nepali Friends

Tracey Duldhardt
It has been a couple of months since our first update on our friends in Nepal during this challenging time. Happily, we can report that they, along with their family members, are safe and well. The lockdown continues to be extended, though there has been some easing of restrictions for businesses. Our friends are remaining home both in Kathmandu and the villages of Sermathang, Thakani and Sarvodaya. 
Initially, the SJK Nepal Fund sent funds to support Tashi Lama’s effort to deliver much needed medications and personal protective equipment (PPE) to those in the communities we work closely with in the Helambu region. This was a great area of need in the villages as it became apparent that the lockdown was going to last some time and many lacked the necessary essentials.

As June began, the number of cases in Nepal started to rise, with daily totals in the hundreds. Although the number of recorded deaths remained low, the pandemic was starting to have a bigger impact on the country. By mid-June, the SJK Nepal Fund again arranged to send funds to help further protect the most vulnerable and slow the spread of the virus to the villages. 

With the support of the SJK Nepal Fund, Tashi Lama is continuing to distribute medical supplies and safety materials in the Helambu region. Additionally, he is working tirelessly to set up quarantine centres in Kathmandu for migrant workers returning back from abroad, so they can eventually return to their villages safely. There are approximately 3 million Nepali workers living abroad and estimates suggest that the pandemic will result in one quarter of them returning home. The situation at the borders is very difficult and the government is struggling to manage the number of workers. Ensuring safe quarantine facilities will be crucial to the protection of those in the villages and we are very happy to support Tashi in this effort. 

Here is a final note of appreciation from Tashi: 

“During this critical hour, we hope that you and everyone around you are safe. We pray that all of us will get through this situation soon. Thank you very much for your kind cooperation and generous support, please convey my best regards and sincere appreciation to our friends and all our SJK supporters.”

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