John and Dian Bell

Thanks to the generous support of Dian and John Bell, SJK was able to partner with Adventureworks! Associates Inc. to design and build a Low Ropes Course. 

As past SJK parents, Dian and John Bell have given their time and expertise. Now, as parents of two alumnae, they are delighted to continue building SJK for future generations. For the Bells, the Low Ropes Course offered a novel approach to learning in groups:

What really struck us about the ropes course was the relaxed freedom of this hands-on, in-nature learning experience; there was sheer joy on the students’ faces, as they problem-solved and learned teamwork. There was the recognition, too, of giving individuals who learn or lead differently from others, a real chance to shine and grow...outside of the classroom.

The Low Ropes Course has formed the foundation for the school’s new Adventure Program. The Program now provides opportunities for learning and growth by presenting students with unique challenges where the outcome, although uncertain, can be influenced by their skills, knowledge, and abilities. 

The four ‘Adventure Pods’ were chosen for their versatility in providing challenges suitable for all learners, from our youngest to our DP2 students. These Pods include the Whale Watch, Zig Zag, Bermuda Triangle, Escape Pod, A-Frame and Trolleys. When participating in these learning activities the objectives include developing leadership behaviours, assisting participants to set and achieve goals, challenging participants to take positive risks, as well as facilitating the transfer and application of learning.
Through participation in the SJK Adventure Program, students develop the capacity to respond to challenging situations and can apply learnings from the program to their daily lives.

SJK is tremendously grateful to John and Dian for supporting the Low Ropes Course and enhancing our Outdoor Learning Program.

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