No Limits to Learning at SJK

Natural, serene and expansive, the 36-acre campus at St. John’s-Kilmarnock School has always been an integral part of ‘The SJK Experience.’ As the pandemic shifted many previously indoor activities to the outdoors, the SJK community embraced this opportunity to further utilize our outdoor spaces, explore new activities and challenge themselves through exciting learning opportunities.

The sight of our senior students wearing snow pants a year ago would have been a rarity but this winter, it was a regular occurrence! Calming walks along the boardwalk and quiet study groups in the peaceful outdoors have become new favourites for our students. Outdoor classroom spaces, including the learning lookout situated on Chalmers Pond, have been popular destinations for learners of all ages. Activities such as our low ropes course, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, scavenger hunts, and the increasingly popular maple sap tapping of some of our large maple trees have provided students with an opportunity to learn new skills and engage with the outdoors like never before.

The pandemic has challenged us all to approach school differently. Fully embracing the outdoors is one change that we are confident will continue at SJK long after the pandemic is a distant memory.

St. John's Kilmarnock School

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