Opening Night

Mr. David Newman, Chair of the Arts

The opening night of SJK’s Upper School play, Departures and Arrivals, was a great success, with cast and crew delivering outstanding performances in a technically and dramatically challenging production. After two years of pandemic restrictions, it was especially wonderful to be part of a theatre event with a live audience. The energy created between audience and performers is such a powerful driver of live theatre, and both performers and audience felt that at this opening night. 

It was also a great pleasure to be able to share the performance with a wider audience in our first ever live streamed production. This allowed not only family and friends of the cast who live some distance away, but also a number of SJK Drama alumni to watch the show. It was great to hear from some of them afterwards, and to know that the performance not only entertained but also brought back memories for many.

Congratulations to the cast, crew, and all those involved in this production on a huge success, and for bringing live theatre back to SJK!

On Friday afternoon, a matinée performance will be viewed in person by our Grade 12 class and via live stream by the entire Upper School. Photos, like those alongside this article, of the production will be available on the School’s SmugMug account (Password: trunkBar41), and a recording of the live stream performance will also be made available for anyone who may have been unable to watch the production live.

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