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SJK’s Innovation Hub

There has been an incredible evolution at the School over the years that’s only been made possible with the involvement and generosity of our SJK community.  

The transformation continues now with the renovation of the lower level of the Chapel. It will be converted into SJK’s new Art, Design and Media Centre, which will bring all of our creative programming together. The Centre will be a hub of innovation where students can experience the visual arts and digital media, learn skills that will support their post-secondary studies, and enhance their career opportunities. 

The Centre will include:
  • An Art Studio for visual arts including painting, drawing, and sculpture
  • A Design Lab for functional design solutions in 3 dimensions
  • A Digital Studio for sound and video production
  • A Gallery for exhibits to showcase student work
With this exciting new project already on the horizon, please consider contributing to the further development of our campus. You donate here and learn about other ways of giving, such as gifts of shares. All charitable gifts are eligible for a receipt for income tax purposes through our registered SJK Foundation.

The Art Studio & Gallery

Within SJK’s new Art, Design and Media Centre, both the Art Studio and the Gallery are major features. These two spaces are at the heart of the Centre and move students to explore their creativity with a variety of materials and media.
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“The Visual Arts are, in many ways, foundational to the other areas in the Art, Design and Media Centre. We explore creative ways to express ourselves visually, using different materials, we solve structural challenges with design and sculpture, and we showcase our projects to audiences at our exhibits,” says Catherine Paleczny, SJK’s Visual Arts Teacher. Ms. Paleczny is also a practicing artist whose sculptures are on display around our region. 
The Art Studio, together with the Gallery, will occupy more than half of the Art, Design and Media Centre’s footprint. Students will hone important fundamental skills before applying them to a variety of programming available in the Centre.
    • Architectural Rendering of The Gallery

The Design Lab

The idea for a new Design Lab has created plenty of excitement. It will be a great place for our students to learn to solve a range of problems by designing and building objects using a wide variety of materials, tools, robotics, and coding.

Projects, such as the chain reaction machine, provide experience with inclined planes, pulleys, dowels, drilling holes, and aesthetic treatments. 

Robotics and coding equipment will enable projects like building a driverless car, creating a musical solar system, or developing a new game. Working on projects such as these builds computational thinking skills and students also learn about teamwork and collaboration.

The Digital Studio

These days anyone can make their own videos and post them to millions of viewers. “Learning how to make the most of some powerful tools is the reason why SJK’s new Art, Design and Media Centre will house a Digital Studio. There, students will learn to work with more advanced equipment,” says Jory Breen, Upper School Teacher. 

“It’s important to learn digital media skills because they have quickly become the standard way to communicate ideas in a range of settings and careers, including business, media, healthcare, and filmmaking,” says Mr. Breen.

Art, Design & Media at SJK

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